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Cool Chef images


Cool Chef images

Some cool chef images:

chef’s table – dessert
Image by greyloch
Strawberry sorbet. The white stripe was a very firm coconut pudding. As I remember more of this course I’ll add it the description.

All construction, plating, and presentation of each course were done in front of us – basically it was an excuse for all the chefs to show off their skills to an appreciative audience.

It’s all about Finesse – Signed by Chef Thomas Keller
Image by Sifu Renka
A little over four years ago a friend extended an invite to join his party’s celebratory dinner at The French Laundry. It was literally the first restaurant that I specifically travelled for, a weekend spent out in the Bay area with the sole purpose to eat. While Chef Keller wasn’t present that night we dined at The French Laundry (he was at Per Se receiving his 3 Michelin stars!) the rest of his crew carried on splendidly in his absence, taking great care of all the guests. Zion, our head server (who’s still there according to Chef Keller) made a great impression on me and volunteered to help me get the menu signed by the kitchen crew (who were still present at the end of the day). My very first chef signed menu.

When I learnt that I would have the opportunity to meet Chef Keller, the food enthusiast in me remembered the menu and the missing signature… I brought it with me and Chef Keller was all too kind in indulging in my request. There is now a sense of completeness. 🙂

The other item that surprised me when I looked at my menu was to find that I had Chef Timothy Hollingsworth’s signature on my menu (the current Chef de Cuisine; I remembered being a tiny bit sad that Corey Lee wasn’t in house at the time, but lo and behold, I had the future CdC). Little things that surprise us when we least expect it.

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