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Be a beatuty nail girl-make up games for girls


Be a beatuty nail girl-make up games for girls

Article by kids dress up games

Be a beatuty nail girl-make up games for girls – Computers – Computer Games

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Now the girls are interested in how to make their nails up,it is true that beautiful nails can make the girl much more fashion,what style will you like the best?!The beauty nail girl is just in a beauty nail salon,perfect!

Image that you are a nail artist,and choose the best one to make her be the very nail girl,there are 4 categories on the left colomn in the make up games for girls.

You can see the solid and the pattern,ready-made and also the rings,which are there for you to choose from

Okay,well,there are 12 kinds of solids for you,which color will you like the best,red,blue,pink,yellow or green,you can choose the best one you like,Oh,I forget to tell you that if you don’t like the size of the nail,you can change the size of the nail which will make it much more fashion and beautiful.

And then is the pattern,also 12 kinds of choices which can make it more colorful,use your mouse to click it and painting the nail,then you will see the change of the nail.

8 types of rings which style will you like the best? Huh,I like all of them,how about you?!but you should be attention to the location of the rings,in order to put them on,in this kind of make up games for girls,you should put the rings on the root of the finger,then the rings can be put on,do you understand?!

If you find it too boring to choose the pattern and the solid,you can just choose the ready-made,which make it much quick to have a wonderful nail.

To be a most fashion nail girl in this make up games for girls,you will see how it will be make your nail be the most fashion ones,have fun from this kind of make up games for girls!

About the Author

Girls like playing girl games such as makeover games and cooking games.and i like write articles about games for girls.wish you can have fun here

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kids dress up games

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