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A Review of Kashi Restaurant, in Huntington


A Review of Kashi Restaurant, in Huntington

King Eddie’s Restaurant, 1954
Image by Seattle Municipal Archives
This restaurant was located on the northeast corner of Market and 8th Avenue NW. Item 78528, City Light Photographic Negatives (Record Series 1204-01), Seattle Municipal Archives.

A Review of Kashi Restaurant, in Huntington
ANY preconceived notions of what a storefront restaurant looks like are shattered by Kashi, a year-old Japanese place in Huntington. It is drop-dead gorgeous. The restaurant, which has a black-and-white color scheme accented with blue lights, …
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What's New From the National Restaurant Association
So this year, I attended The National Restaurant Association Show, which thrived at McCormick Place from May 5th to 8th. A gargantuan show aimed at providing the food service industry with anything it might need from table settings and pans, …
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The restaurants at Revel resort in Atlantic City
The restaurant roll Call The restaurants at Revel are divided into three price categories: Signature (the priciest), Select (mid-level, more or less) and Quick (budget priced). Three more restaurants are expected to open in the coming weeks.
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A Review of Rose Mediterranean Restaurant, in Caldwell
Along the way — with stops in England, Spain, Jakarta and the restaurant of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in New York — he quizzed his co-workers about their favorite native dishes. When he was finally ready to open his own place, Mr. Albergo drew on that …
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