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The Ultimate Guide to Moving in Minneapolis: Tips, Tricks, and Insider Knowledge


Are you planning on moving to Minneapolis? This guide is here to help you navigate the city like a pro. ...

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Hyphened-Nation – Poised to Advance the End of a Hyphenated America

Madison Smith

White-Americans, Black-Americans, Latino-Americans, and on and on.  Sometimes the list seems almost endless.  And a significant portion of each of ...

When Your Child is Looking at Porn

The Editors

A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents When a parent discovers her child or teenager has been looking at pornography, it can ...

Hidden Genius The Black Engineer Behind Howard Hughes

The Editors

Historian and author H.T.Bryer has penned a fascinating book about Frank Calvin Mann (1908-1992). “Mr. Frank Calvin Mann was the little known ...

Spiced Almond Cocktail TNP Originals

The Editors

In a small saucepan, combine spiced rum, amaretto, almond milk, cinnamon sticks, and star anise pods. Heat to a simmer ...

PR Firm EMR Media Is Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame Award

The Editors

Celebrating 10 years, EMR Media Founder Liz Rodriguez Receives a Special Commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award Founded in 2004, this month ...