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Demi Lovato ‘X Factor’ Makeup, Outfit Is Surprsingly Toned Down (PHOTOS)


Demi Lovato ‘X Factor’ Makeup, Outfit Is Surprsingly Toned Down (PHOTOS)

Demi Lovato 'X Factor' Makeup, Outfit Is Surprsingly Toned Down (PHOTOS)
We're not huge fans of "X Factor," but it has been entertaining watching judge Demi Lovato's major hair, makeup and costume changes through the season. (Ditto Christina Aguilera on "The Voice.") But on Thursday night, Lovato surprised us by doing a …
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Why White Makeup Should Be in Every Woman's Makeup Bag
White may be one of the most mysterious colours in the makeup aisle, but we're big fans of the light and bright shade. There are many ways to wear the colour without looking pale or ashy. White and off-white as an accent hue makes your brights even …
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Customers blast Illamasqua's 'blackface' makeup ad as 'racist and gross'
British beauty brand Illamasqua is stirring up trouble with a so-called “blackface” ad for its winter makeup campaign. The ad features a woman whose entire face — except for her lips — is painted black, with the slogan, “I'm not dreaming of a white …
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